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Terms and Conditions

For Customers

  1. Shoppykart provides a means for the public to securely order direct from florists . Shoppykart  charges your debit/credit card a service fee and the flower value stated on each order. The service fee is retained by Shoppykart  and provides their income for operating the service. Shoppykart transmits the flower value to the delivering florist on behalf of customer

  2. The information on the site is provided directly by the florists and is compiled in good faith. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information, Shoppytkart cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracy or misrepresentation by the florist.

  3. The purpose of Shoppykart  is to give the delivering florist the total amount of money they require to perform the service to your complete satisfaction. If you have any comments on the content or services that you receive from florists contained within this website, please e-mail

  4. All florists guarantee same day delivery if orders received before 12:00 noon local time (if required), except on Sundays, Bank Holidays or peak periods i.e. Mothers Day or Valentines.

  5. If the recipient is not in when the florist calls, the florist reserve the right to leave flowers in a safe place i.e. a neighbour, and put a card through the recipients door to advise where the flowers are. The florist may put the flowers in a secure place such as an outhouse or leave a note and return them to the shop for collection or delivery at a more convenient time.

  6. Whilst your florist will do all possible to mirror the product you have chosen in shape, content and colours, the florist reserves the right to substitute of any or all the contents is permitted and will be acceptable provided the product gives value for money.

For Florists

The following are the terms and conditions under which shoppyKart (Proprietor and operators of the website accept entries from Flower shops for display on their site -

  1. The participating florist understands that the contract for the supply of flowers is direct between him or her and the member of the public. The full price asked by the florist as part of their web entry for the flowers will be the amount received by them. The funds from the customer will be transmitted direct to the chosen florist by debit card  via Shoppykart 

  2. The florist will enter prices into their website entry, using the Shoppykart  Control Panel, which would be the same as those a customer walking into the shop would pay for a delivery to the areas the florist has agreed to cover.

  3. The florist must execute deliveries sent to him, as the prices and the delivery areas designated have been set by him.

  4. If an order is sent to a florist anywhere it will appear on their screen and print out on their printer.

  5. Any florist, who in the estimation of Shoppykart  is found to abuse the principles upon which the site is founded i.e. orders are being sent directly to the delivering florist and thereby obtaining top value for money for the purchaser, will be removed without redress.

  6. Any florist found to be guilty of any act of fraud with regard to other florists or their customers will be removed and permanently barred.

  7. The participating florist understands that the general public will be able to rate their work in the form of star rating and comments

  8. Shoppykart  Cancellation/Refund Policy for Florists - Your advertisement on Shoppykart  is for a minimum of 12 month period.


Shoppykart  is the proprietor and copyright owner of all content and data held within the website. Other than any proprietary interest in marks, names, trademarks, logos and pictures of others which may be displayed on the site. Any attempt by third parties to: imitate closely, disassemble, retrieve and use any content and data contained within this site will be in breach of copyright and Shoppykart  reserve the right to seek compensation for the improper use of any material. If you wish use the content and data in any way, the written permission of Shoppykart  must be sought.

Shoppykart  assumes no responsibility for any actions or liabilities arising from the possession or use of images and photos uploaded to the site by florists.

By ordering your flowers using Shoppykart , you can see and choose your local florist anywhere in india. Going direct to the local florist means bigger, more beautiful bouquets and excellent service from local flower experts . Read on to discover more benefits of going Shoppykart !